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The Forgotten Spirit (A Christmas Tale) 

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The Forgotten Spirit (A Christmas Tale)

Genre: Fiction, Family, & Urban 


Award-winning gospel songwriter Evie Rhodes invites readers into the world of a young girl who inspires everyone around her and reveals that the spirit of Christmas can be found anywhere--if you just believe...

On the surface, Jamie Lynne Brooks looks like your ordinary nine-year-old girl. She likes to skip, laugh, and play. But Jamie is far from ordinary. She has been blessed with a magical gift--a gift that will transform Jamie's world and all of the people in it this holiday season...

Although her loving grandparents have raised Jamie in a protective cocoon, Jamie is wise to the harsh realities of the tough neighborhood she calls home. And her mother's absence from her life has only made Jamie wiser beyond her years. Yet she has managed to hold onto hope--hope for a better life for her grandparents, hope that her mother will return someday, and hope for anyone who's lost their way. After all, Christmas is a time for miracles...


With its fresh, unforgettable heroine and the pure innocence that only a child can give, The Forgotten Spirit is a remarkable novel of love, new beginnings, and the amazing power of hope...

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