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astounding talent, the world has ever seen. That was before. This is now. 


When Tracie Burlingame becomes an unwitting pawn, drawn into a web of deceit as thick as quicksand, spun by a deranged mind, she finds herself sucked into a collage of insanity, and a world where nothing is as it appears to be on the surface. She is drawn into a realm, where the talents are being collected, starting with the youngest child she birthed, but the path is strewn with unimaginable evil, and The Unholy has clamped its sights firmly on Tracie Burlingame, pitting her between a psychopathic serial murderer and something much, much worse.

Expired is a voyage. It is a journey. It is the story of one woman’s pain and every mother’s nightmare, and how when push comes to shove, sometimes all a woman or a mother has, is her belief.

Expired is simply the end of all things. Or is it?


Genre: Fiction, Supernatural-Psychological Thriller, Mystery & Suspense


Tracie Burlingame. They said her eyes were synonymous with a chameleon. The birth of her sons was synonymous with murder. Harlem. Harlem, New York. The city is a Mecca.  It has long been a breeding ground for some of the most 

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