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Created and Written by: Evie Rhodes

"Looking Through The Stained Glass Window" is a captivating, compelling staged story, told in the slice of life voice of Crystal Waterman, who at thirty-four years of age, is suffering from the monstrous impact of AIDS related symptoms and dying.  Crystal’s portrayal is broken, fractured and most of all real while she clings to the only person on whom’s love she can count, her Great-Grandmother.  She shares a powerful kaleidoscope of crippling emotions in a smorgasbord of sometimes witty, and other times devastating tones, as being in her final stages of life she writes letters to the daughter she gave away while seeking final absolution. 

Crystal’s life is hauntingly abusive.  A lost black female voice from the 90’s Hip-Hop era dying from a painful, dreaded disease with no hope in sight for her.  A life filled with acts of neglect, abandonment, pain, and hardship. It began from the time of her birth. Yet, in her last mesmerizing gasp of life, she learns to embrace, to look up, and to reach out, surrendering herself in a quest for true love, despite the bitterness of struggling with AIDS.Looking Through The Stained Glass Window is a searing, soul searching romp, that examines the loss of hope, the aching fear of defeat, and the staining of one's personal humanity.  It explores the terror of a child’s feelings of not being wanted, and her resulting developed hunger to seek her mother’s love at any and all costs. Come. Come embrace the piercing heartbreak of the forgotten.  And, listen to one little girl's cry that echoed throughout her womanhood, and almost went unheard, except for the daughter she never knew, and the unwavering spirit she didn’t know she had.  Witness, and feel the love of real mercy. Looking Through The Stained Glass Window.  Can't you see it?

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Phone: 973-289-2215 / 862-224-4076

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