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What People are saying

“It has given me a greater awareness of Self and the oneness of humankind.  I am grateful...” Renita Lewis, Actress


"A positively intriguing journey toward self- discovery…” Elle Green, Vocalist


“Speechless as Melba Moore graced the stage…” Tangie R. McDougald, Avid Supporter


“Beautiful…absolutely beautiful!” Dr. Albert Lewis, Founder of The World Gospel Music Association

July 2018

"The legendary Melba Moore helps mount new Director/Playwright Evie Rhodes’s, “Looking Through The Stained Glass Window”.


Melba Moore’s passion for the sheer power of Theater shone through as she recently graced the stage of Evie Rhodes’s creation of “Looking Through The Stained Glass Window.”  The theatrical production passionately stages a lost black female voice, who is dying from the monstrous impact of the related symptoms during the era of the AIDS epidemic and the rise of Hip-Hop.


Given that Melba Moore is at the root of historical Theater with her Tony Award Winning performance in Broadway’s “Purlie” and Evie Rhodes’s talent for raw, compassionate storytelling that brought audiences to their feet in numerous standing ovations during the initial Central Times Square runs in NYC means there is quite a story behind this wondrous collaboration along with its startling relevance and today’s impact on the African-American Community at large."

-- Avid Supporter

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