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The Forgotten Spirit Book

JELUPA Productions, Inc.

This is a scene from the preview of The Forgotten Spirit/The Musical.


"This is the home of George and Elizabeth Brooks. George is a quiet, no nonsense man. Though he's never been big on church or religion he lives a conservative life. Elizabeth or Lizzie as some call her, on the other hand is an upstanding member of the church and believes strongly in family and tradition. They have one daughter Cynthia who has one child Jamie Lynne. George loves his wife, his daughter, and his grand-daughter.
He has worked hard to keep his family safe from harm. But not every battle was won."


The contemporary musical is in development and is an adaptation of the book The Forgotten Spirit (A CHRISTMAS TALE) by Novelist Evie Rhodes. The Forgotten Spirit is historically considered to be the first African-American Christmas story in the country based on the Gospels of Jesus Christ.

JELUPA (je-lu-pa) Productions is a vehicle for cultivating and addressing the needs of minority artists in the greater Springfield area. We bring quality productions that showcase, relate and involve minority artist to the area.

JELUPA Productions will showcase works of social and cultural values, as well as entertain.

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