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Evie Rhodes was born in Newark, New Jersey. She authored the book,

“EXPIRED” which was critically acclaimed to be “One of a Kind, and possibly the start of

a new kind of book!” by Barnes and Noble’s Head Fiction Buyer, Sessalee Hensley.

Black Issues Book Review called Rhodes a Master writer, gifted and skillful. Romantic

Times Book Reviews said of her work it holds the reader’s attention as if the pages are

magnetized. She has been hailed as “A Writing Da Vinci” by her fans. A Harvard

Educated Professor of Drama called her a gifted Rancatour.

Publisher’s Weekly lauded her for “Telling it like it is for many teens in (and

outside) the hood who struggle to deal with a violent society that all too often embraces

money over faith” for her stated “Uncompromisingly Graphic Novel” as reviewed by

Library Journal entitled, STREET VENGEANCE.

Her Contemporaries have written of her work the following accolade: “In the grim

reality of the Hood, young mothers pray to protect the demons of urban blight, drugs

and crime. Evie Rhodes has turned the horror genre upside down by creating a

haunting hybrid of Bram Stoker's mythical monster blended with the social and spiritual

concerns of James Baldwin. Her writing is often terrifying, harrowing, finely written with

more than a few soul-numbing frights. It's a roller-coaster ride of terror, wildly inventive,

and ultimately, a well-tuned morality tale of our chaotic times…EXPIRED.


Evie Rhodes is a Philanthropist at heart. Her valued collection of works, be they

Novels, Productions of her Television Commercial, Directorial debuts on her Film

Trailers or Film Shorts speaks strongly to her love of humanity. Her previous works in a

myriad of ways have paved the road directly to the front door of her first work of a

Narrative Non-Fiction nature.

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